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Honeycomb Shade

Also called Cellular Shade. Ecological and energy-saving type of shade with simple and elegant style.
The thickening structure of honeycomb renders it hollow, which helps heat insulation and
maintain thermostatic in indoor environment.

Wide range of selection on types and functions.
Cordless and Top-down-bottom-up system gives diversification to housing decoration and operation.

Vali Light Filtering

See blue sky from inside. Not dazzle when sunshine comes in and allow moderate and soft lighting.

Unique honeycomb structure makes the hollow center thermostatic to save energy and become ecological.

Price:From $1,730

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Vali Blackout

Honeycomb-shade with inlaid silver coating for highest shading effect and complete block-out.

Multiple systems, highly practical functions. Suitable for all kinds of indoor space.

Price:From $2,200

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